Book Sales

I have a number of photobooks for sale, these are ones I no longer need or have duplicates of.

Dark Room
Garry Fabian Miller

Dark Room by Garry Fabian Miller

A copy of Garry Fabian Miller's Dark Room in excellent condition.

An artist’s memoir of a life lived making pictures between the dark and the light, a deeply personal account woven against the history of photography from the moment of its birth in the 1830s to its decline, and some would say death, in the digital age almost two hundred years later.

£35 inc P&P


Reading the Landscape
Olaf Otto Becker

Reading the Landscape by Olaf Otto Becker

Olaf Otto Becker presents us with idyllic dreamlike places, paradisiacal tableaus from the jungles of Malaysia and Indonesia. Romatic floodplains, tree trunks slung with liana vines, eclogical niches for countless life forms, these are the kinds of untouched tropical rainforests that we pic­ture in our dreams.

£20 inc P&P


Four Winters
Jem Southam

Four Winters by Jem Southam

For the past four winters the English artist Jem Southam has repeatedly visited a short stretch of riverbank along the floodplain of the River Exe. He stands and watches, as the dusk fades into darkness or as the light of dawn gathers, witnessing the different passage of each winter. In the evenings, long past sunset, swans, geese and ducks arrive on the river to spend the night in safety. In the mornings the birds wake, preen, feed and socialise as they prepare for the new day.

£50 inc P&P


Country Girls
Anna Fox and Alison Goldfrapp

Country Girls by Anna Fox and Alison Goldfrapp

For Anna Fox and Alison Goldfrapp, growing up in and around the town of Alton in the 1970s, a lingering chill hung over Flood Meadows, a bucolic corner of rural Hampshire. The legacy of the gruesome 1867 murder and dismemberment of eight-year-old Fanny Adams, whose body parts were gradually found scattered across the meadows, lingered on – over one hundred years later – in a current threat of violence, in the adolescent fights and misogyny all around them.

£35 inc P&P


Please Notify the Sun
Stephen Gill

Please Notify the Sun by Stephen Gill

It was in 2017 that I began to have an inkling that a single fish might contain a universe of infinite proportions and how amazing a journey within its body could be. So I started to research everything I would need to embark on such an expedition. By January 2020 I had built a work top, obtained a microscope, a camera, optics, lights and fridge. Mentally, though, I was far from ready. I was lacking the courage, time, energy and mental strength to set out on this unknown voyage.

£35 inc P&P