From the L to the A to the F

I am delighted and proud to announce that I have just been awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society with my panel of Warped Topographies Polaroids.

October 2017 Hanging Plana.jpg

This project has been my obsession for the last 20 months (as you might have spotted!)

As usual with a creative endeavour such this it doesn’t come without help, encouragement and inspiration from many sources.

So in typical Oscars fashion thanks must go to: Mark Gould for pointing out that this set of images could form the basis of a Fellowship Panel.

For general encouragement along the way, Sean McCormack, Rob Knight, Tim Parkin and Karl Mortimer.

For deeper encouragement during existential crises, Rob Hudson and Al Brydon.

Paul Mitchell who mentored me through the choppier waters of the Fellowship Process.

Instagram user Florintintin who provided some early technical advice!

Paul Kenny whose work provided huge amounts of inspiration and also showed that creative work needs time and patience (although I'm not sure any of my images took multiple months to produce!)

And of course, my wife Janette, and my children Charlotte and Harry, who have had to put up numerous Polaroids strewn around the house and lots of. "What do you think?…"

Those Lost Souls

It isn't often that I get to shoot images when the weather is -3C, with 20m/s winds, in the middle of a snowstorm, while the sun still shines, but I'm mightily glad I did with this set.

They were all shot on a frozen lake in Rif in the Snaefelsness peninsular of Iceland using the Fuji 55-200 to isolate the elements.

I had noticed the lake the night before but  the light was too flat, but could see the potential of the shapes, colours and what it would look like in the right light. Despite the prevailing weather conditions, the next morning provided that light.

The title reflects my thinking that the shapes and forms reminded me of Tolkein's Dead Marshes from the Lord of the Rings (a book I detest - possibly the worst summer holiday ever was spent reading it!). But also these images took on a greater significance as I genuinely thought I'd lost them. Anyone who has ever experienced that knows just how sick you feel. Thanks to Rescue Pro the images were all there and all recovered. But not until i had returned to England

There are even elements of the cloud patterns of Jupiter to be seen in the shapes; so being lost, far away with the possibilities lurking below all helped inform this work.



My recent trip to Iceland provided numerous options for big vistas. But also quieter moments of more introspective imagery.

In the Snæfelsness peninsular there are some lovely fjords with magical pastel light. The contrast between freezing temperatures, wild winds and epic views and the gentle eau-de-nils, pinks and yellow pastel colours was unexpected.

Kolgrafafjörður provided great subject matter including large amounts of crushed ice, and thin ice coatings at the shoreline. As someone who loves the detail in a landscape I couldn't resist.

Here's a small portfolio titled Filigree consisting of 8 square images.